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Physical Care

Through the support of TLMIB-AEP, ALO is also assist to ensure care for the leprosy complications, providing health education, self-care training, motivation and encouragement to the affected people. ALO is also focusing on mental health of the affected people, arranging training for improving mental and physical health condition.
Case Detection and Prevention of Disability (POD): Even after many years of declaring elimination of leprosy, percentage of the new cases and disability are still significant. ALO, with its direct and indirect intervention, is contributing for detecting new leprosy cases and supporting the affected communities.
Moreover, Leprosy is one of the leading causes of permanent disability. With proper and early diagnosis and treatment, leprosy associated disability can be prevented effectively. As such, ALO always concern to detection of new cases/patients at the early stage.

Mental health and Stigma

No disease has been more closely associated with stigma and anxiety than leprosy, and it has become a metaphor for stigma. Mental health issues within leprosy patients have significantly increased over the last decade and prejudice is a key factor to this.  Consequently, ALO takes part to eliminate the sigma as well as ensuring social justice, inclusion and dignity.

Digital Ulcer Care