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ALO Society works in Partnership With Federation

ALO supported and implemented projects through its partner federations for strengthening their organizational capacity through partnership with the federations (40 out of 100) supported by two donors. ALO works with its member federations, projects of The Leprosy Mission International Bangladesh (TLMIB), disability movements, media, university and donner community. Member federations implement different activities in cooperation with ALO. ALO in partnership with 40 district and sub-district federations implemented agriculture, organizational development and COVID-19 support projects supported by Sasakwa Health Foundation (SHF) and TLMIB.

Technical Support to Federations

ALO works for the technical support to it's partner Federation.

Knowledge exchange
ALO works in partnership model to share and exchange knowledge between federations
ALO support for empowering it's members to raise their voices.
Financial management

ALO Support it's federation for financial management.

Capacity building
ALO Works for federation Strengthening and capacity building.

ALO Support it's members to grow leadership through conducting different trainings and workshops.