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Klinton Malakar is presently holding the position of Project Officer at ALO Society. In this role, he bears the responsibility for overseeing and coordinating various activities within the organization. His primary focus involves the careful monitoring and supervision of the initiatives being executed at the project sites, with the ultimate aim of ensuring their smooth and effective implementation.

As a Project Officer, Klinton Malakar actively engages in the planning, design, and execution of workshops and training sessions. He collaborates closely with the project team, external consultants, and local partners to facilitate these events. His contributions encompass not only the preparation and organization of these workshops and training programs, but also the seamless coordination of all stakeholders involved. Through his efforts, Klinton plays a pivotal role in fostering the success of ALO Society's projects and initiatives.

Before Working with ALO-Society he worked as a journalist, he has more then 5 years of experienced in the field of Media. 

About klinton malakar

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Program Manager 

Phone : +8801682331436